Swiss watchmakers and their fantastic clockworks are meritoriously always mentioned using attributes of the highest rank.

Endeavour for quality has always precedence with Swiss watchmakers of long standing. The same is true for our company, as we strive to offer our clients services of the same quality and professional standards like the ones promoted worldwide by the Swiss luxury watch brands we represent.

Our colleagues are highly qualified, professionally up-to-date and completely devoted to their work. Their passion for Swiss watches, their humbleness, the regular participations on professional trainings in Switzerland, as well as the almost 20 years spent with the maintenance of Swiss watches represent the warranty for a quality work rightly demanded by our clients.

Our professional technical equipments, our machine and device pool comply with all requirements of modern age.

Our services include the complete overhaul, servicing and maintenance of old and new watches. Furthermore in our exclusive central shop we offer watch lovers a regularly renewed stock of luxury watch selections of exquisite beauty and a perfect price-value ratio!

Our services are always tailored to individual demands. Beyond a professional servicing we offer in each case a guarantee to our clients, as we warrant for the repairs done by us, supporting thus the longest possible lifetime of your favourite luxury watch.

Our flexible customer service is readily at your disposal!

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